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polyfactorial quantum therapy portable device 


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The device has shown high therapeutic properties in the treatment of hundreds of thousands of people with various diseases of different etymology from the musculoskeletal system to urological diseases.

The small size and built-in rechargeable battery, a charge of which is enough for 8 hours of continuous medical procedures, allow to make sessions of quantum (laser) therapy in any place convenient for you.

Because of its efficiency and high quality RIKTA-ESMIL medical device has received well-deserved recognition of ordinary people and doctors not only in Russia but also abroad.

Significant improvements in health are achieved due to the simultaneous action of four basic factors (laser, infrared, red light, magnetic field).

As a result, RIKTA-ESMIL 2A activates the immune system, increases blood oxygen saturation, normalizes biochemical processes, accelerates tissue regeneration. So, the device provides the increased capacity of the organism to resist any disease.

According to clinical studies we don’t recommend to use RIKTA devices for the treatment of children under the age of 14, as well as people older than 80!

Rikta Esmil 2A in addition to model 1A has the fifth healing factor - transcutaneous electric neurostimulation (electrotherapy). Due to this, it has a rapid analgesic effect. RIKTA ESMIL 2A has excellently proven itself in the treatment and prevention of various disease states, such as arthritis, back pain, joint disease, as for sprains and strains.

Therapeutic factors:

rikta esmil_a1_7

- pulsed infrared laser radiation (wavelength - 890 nm)

Biological tissues are optically transparent in this wavelength range. Super pulsed IR laser radiation deeply penetrates into tissues and exerts a powerful stimulating effect on blood circulation, cell membrane metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immuno-competent

rikta esmil_a1_8

 systems, regulates the hormonal system.

Clinical / biological effects:

  • activation of protein synthesis (DNA, RNA);
  • increase of enzymatic activation;
  • increase of the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis / production;
  • improvement of the blood circulation;
  • anti-inflammation action;
  • anti-edematous action;
  • analgetic effect.


- pulsating broadband infrared radiation (wavelength - 875 nm)

The penetration into the tissues of this radiation is fewer than the laser light penetration and it possesses greater spectral width, so it operates at various reflex zones, providing a powerful harmonizing effect on the tonus of the central nervous system.

Clinical effects:rikta esmil_a1_9

  • warming the surface layers of tissues;
  • activation of microcirculation.


- pulsating red light

rikta esmil_a1_10Red light penetrates tissues at lesser depths than infrared radiation. Nevertheless, it has a beneficial effect by reducing the intensity of inflammatory processes, especially in the areas of loose connective tissue, par example, in the areas of joints. Also it increases the activity of psycho-emotional sphere.


rikta esmil_a1_11- constant magnetic field

Under a static magnetic field micro-vascular (capillary) beds of blood vessels are extended. Vaso-dilating effect is persisted after a single exposure for 1-6 days, after a treatment course – for 30-45 days.

Clinical effects when treating an inflammation: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.

Static magnetic field determines the increased penetration of laser radiation. It allows reducing the dosage of radiation as compared with laser monotherapy to achieve the same therapeutic effect. 

esmil 2a_9- transcutaneous electroneurostimulation

It provides therapeutic action on nerve conduction system, stimulates the neuromuscular system and has analgesic effect.

RIKTA devices belong to the 1-st class of laser safety according to ISO 60825-1, which is the class of complete safety in usage.

RIKTA devices have a choice of laser pulse repetition frequencies. Frequency selection defines the amount of energy delivered into biological tissues.

Frequencies used in RIKTA-series devices:

rikta esmil_a1_12

  • 5 and 50 Hz – energy dissipation at the surface layers is minimum, and it provides maximum penetration into tissues while conserving the characteristics;
  • 1000 Hz – energy exerts a superficial effect on the skin, on shallow organs, sensitive receptors and signaling systems of the organism;
  • VAR - variable frequency (“swings” in the range from 250 Hz to 1 Hz) holds an intermediate position between 5 Hz and 1000 H, provides rather deep penetration into the tissues, non-addictive.

Areas of use:

  • surgery (rehabilitation after operations, pain management)
  • orthopedics and traumatology (rehabilitation, reduction of rehabilitation time)
  • gynecology
  • urology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • sports medicine
  • pediatrics
  • gastroenterology
  • cosmetology

In total, RIKTA device can be used for treatment of more than 250 different diseases and patological stages./


 The main contraindications during quantum therapy procedures are as follows:

Chronic diseases with severe pathology:

  • pronounced thyrotoxicosis;
  • hypertension III degree;
  • pronounced cerebral atherosclerosis;
  • severe hypotension;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • blood diseases;
  • circulatory failure II and III stage;s
  • mental illness with symptoms of psychomotor agitation;
  • iseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation;
  • epilepsy.

Acute disease and some other conditions:

  • active tuberculosis;
  • fever (patient's body temperature is over 38 °C);
  • bleedings and tendency to them;
  • general grave condition of the patient;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity and in the female genital area;
  • early postinfarction period;
  • disorders of cerebral circulation (acute phase);
  • sharp depletion of the body.esmil 2a_4

Technical specifications:

Design: portable device.

Healing factors (5 methodics):

  • laser therapy;
  • infrared therapy;
  • magnetic field;
  • light therapy;
  • electrotherapy.


  • infrared laser radiation: 905 nm;
  • broadband infrared radiation 875 nm;
  • red visible light: 640 nm.

Pulse repetition frequency of broadband infrared laser:

  • constant: 5, 50, 1000 Hz
  • variable: 1 - 250 Hzesmil 2a_5

Duration of treatment procedures: 1, 2, 5 min

Power unit: rechargeable battery - charging the battery is provided using the AC adapter.

Overall dimensions: 173x55x70 mm

Net Weight: 0.25 kg

Electrical safety according to GOST R50267.0-92, protection class II

Laser safety according to GOST R50723-94, class 1

Rechagreable battery:

  • output voltage of power unit - DC, 13,5 V
  • output current - 150 mA
  • battery type: Li-Ion
  • continuous operation with a fully charged battery: up to 8 hours
  • charging time: 3 hours


esmil 2a_10

  • pulsed laser power: 10 W
  • average power of infrared diode radiation: 60 mW
  • average power of the red diode radiation: 7 mW

Area of radiation: 4 cm2

Magnetic induction: 35 mT

Complete set of delivery:
  • RIKTA ESMIL 2A device of polyfactorial quantum therapy - 1 pc.
  • protective lens cap - 1 pc.
  • AC adapter with power cord - 1 pc.
  • bag for storage and transportation - 1 pc.
  • detailed handbook on the use of the device - 1 pc.
  • passport and warranty card - 1 pc.

Warranty period: 2 years (from date of purchase).

Rikta Esmil 2A laser therapy device is recommended in acute pain and is a highly effective device for pain relief and elimination of its causes.

rikta esmil_a1_4

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