Scenar LF Master

(Scenar-1-NT version 01) with Follevskiy frequencies (VO)




One of the most popular models among therapists. Compared with the previous model (Scenar Pro Plus), the functional device supplemented by a second mode of screening ("Diag 4"), mode of of short-term high-amplitude impacts ("bee stings"), an extended range of low, so-called Follevskiy frequencies, commonly used for deep relaxation and recovery patients with limited functional reserve; as well as the low-frequency modulation (Follevskiy "swing"). Its therapeutic efficacy is validated clinical practice of professionals working in the field of acupuncture.

Technical parameters

Power supply

4 batteries AAA

Maximum current consumption

no more than 650 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

1-500 Hz


LCD matrix

Mode of amplitude modulation

1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, high-amplitude short-term impact of the "bee sting"

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

30 to 120 Hz with the period of the change (7 ± 2).

Dosing regimens

"Diag1"- Integral dose and null, 

"Diag 2"- a differential dose.

Mode screening

"Diag3", "Diag4"

Modes damping

4 permanent mode, 1 variable mode

Additional modes

128 Follevskiy frequencies in the range of 0,674 ... 15 Hz, Follevskiy frequency modulations ("swing") - 8 modes.

Intensity (number of pulses per pack)

1 ..8 pulses with pauses in a pack from 200 to 1600 ms

Adjusting the exposure energy

1 ... 250 units.

Сombined modulation mode

Simultaneous change of shape, the number of pulses in the pack, and a gap between pulses of repetition frequency: 4 different variant Cv1, Cv2, Cv3 and Cv4.

The number of factory / storable user presets



1000 hours

Average lifetime

At least 5 years




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