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CHANS-01-Scenar-2D - an improved version of the device CHANS1-01-Scenar, supplemented by the two modes of diagnosis, "D1" - greatly simplifies the search for active points in the chosen area at the permutations. "D 2" - find active zone by moving the device over the skin.

A variety of modes provides more options for treatment and prevention of different diseases, so it is especially in demand around the world.

It is programmed two types of diagnosis, five modes of impact, and extended frequency range. 

The frequency of 340 Hz - is best suited for pain relief. The most effective in the aesthetic treatment of facial skin. 

The frequency of 14 Hz - the most favorable in the early treatment of chronic diseases. It is also used when working with children. 

The frequencies of 60 Hz and 90 - standard, they are always used in the methods of SCENAR-therapy and may vary. 

Consider the use of modes inherent in this model.
Mode of amplitude modulation (AM) - stimulates muscle contractions, which reduces swelling, increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In combination with the low and high frequency (between 14 and did not less than 340 Hz) is effective in cosmetology, when using certain techniques.

Mode "swinging frequency"  (FM) - includes a continuous stream of different frequencies, which increases the effect of the work on the active zone.

This model allows to connect and operate in two modes. AM and FM, which enhances and complements the effects of their impact during various of techniques. 

This apparatus includes two modes:
To carry out a course of treatment for chronic diseases using the diagnostic mode (objective-dosed) (D). 

When canceling all the conditions - activated a constant mode of action (subjectively-dosed), it is recommended for acute conditions.

 Diagnostic mode, programmed in this device, simplified and allow to find the most active zone of the fastest in two ways. Staging - individually-dosed mode, the number of light bulbs burning. By the same token - leading the device on the skin continuously.

The effectiveness of Device Scenar increases significantly,  if you use healing Blanket ULM or ULM Clothes.

This device is CE certified.

Warranty period 24 months.

Technical parameters

Power supply

Battery Type PP3 9 V (6F22KG 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption

no more than 85 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

14, 60, 90, 340 Hz


 LED Display

Mode of amplitude modulation

3: 1, duration of stimulus packs in amplitude modulation mode - (3.0 ± 0.5) s, the pause time - (1,0 ± 0,3) s

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

The repetition frequency of incentives in"Swinging frequency" mode - in the range of 30 to 120 Hz with a permissible deviation of ± 10%, the period of oscillation - (7 ± 2)

Dosed mode (diagnostics)


Screening, diagnosis at subjective-dosed mode


Screening, diagnosis at an individually-dosed mode


Additional modes


Adjusting the exposure energy

1 ... 250 units.

The number of factory / storable user presets 



1000 hours

Average lifetime

At least 5 years



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