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freedeliveryRITM Scenar Super Pro

(Scenar-1-NT version 01) with BIO mode (20C+)

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This device implements all the most important features for professional use. Compared with the previous model (Scenar LF Master) functional of device supplemented the third mode of screening ("Diag 5") - diagnosis of local electrode. The main "know-how" system - dual mode biofeedback - that automatically select the desired impact parameters in acute conditions.

Also, the device is factory presets for use in cosmetics, the impact before and after athletic training, as well as to recover from injuries. This allows the user who does not have experience in SCENAR-therapy, with the first procedures can get good results. In addition, the device has a color display and a new user-friendly interface. And improved menus with features fast navigation, can significantly reduce the time of preparation of the machine to work.

This device is CE certified.

Warranty period 24 months.


Technical parameters

Power supply

4 batteries AAA

Maximum current consumption

no more than 650 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

0,674-500 Hz


TFT color matrix

Mode of amplitude modulation

1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, high-amplitude short-term impact of the "bee sting"

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

30 to 120 Hz with the period of the change (7 ± 2).

Dosing regimens

"Diag1"- Integral dose and null, 

"Diag 2"- a differential dose.

Mode screening

"Diag3", "Diag4", "Diag5"-

diagnostics of local electrode

Modes damping

4 permanent mode, 1 variable mode

Additional modes

Bio mode, 6 additional ranges, and the possibility of settings of change frequency range.

Intensity (number of pulses per pack)

1 ..40 pulses with pauses in a pack from 200 to 1600 ms, to Bio mode - 1..7 pulses in a pack

Adjusting the exposure energy

1 ... 250 units.

Сombined modulation mode

Simultaneous change of shape, the number of pulses in the pack, and a gap between pulses of repetition frequency: 4 different variant Cv1, Cv2, Cv3 and Cv4.

The number of factory / storable user presets



1000 hours

Average lifetime

At least 5 years




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