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CHANS-02- "SCENAR" - a budget model of series devices CHANS "SCENAR" with an additional mode dosed, which implemented the amplitude modulation of 3: 1. Indispensable in the home, and any other conditions for the treatment of pain, the treatment of respiratory diseases, injuries, burns, frostbite, etc. The indication mode setting and displaying of exposure by using LEDs.


CHANS-02-Scenar - is the easiest to use of all the production devices for home use. Designed to provide emergency assistance and treatments of various diseases. This device be usable by all, regardless of age.

In this device two operating modes. F1 - is a constant mode of action (subjectively dosed) and F2- Diagnostic (objectively dosed) in acute conditions recommended mode F1. To carry out a course of treatment for chronic diseases using F2 mode.

 The effectiveness of Device Scenar increases significantly,  if you use healing Blanket ULM or ULM Clothes.

Technical parameters

Power supply

Battery Type PP3 9 V (6F22KG 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption

no more than 85 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

60-90 Hz


LED display

Mode of amplitude modulation

3: 1, duration of stimulus packs in amplitude modulation mode - (3.0 ± 0.5) s, the pause time - (1,0 ± 0,3) s

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode


Dosed mode (diagnostics)


Screening, diagnosis at subjective-dosed mode


Screening, diagnosis at an individually-dosed mode


Additional modes


Adjusting the exposure energy

1 ... 250 units.

The number of factory / storable user presets 



1000 hours

Average lifetime

At least 5 years




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