LIBREDERM selective cosmetics

Librederm - brand number one in Russia!

Librederm is the freedom to choose cosmetic products in accordance with personal perceptions of beauty and a dream of perfect care. It is a pleasure and comfort of luxurious textures and modern design of packages. This is a clear focus on the specific needs of the skin and a clear mechanism of action. This is safety and efficiency, due to the multi-stage testing of all stages of production and careful verification of formulas.

Librederm. Just what your skin needs.

Mezolux collection

Gift sets collection

AEvit collection

Collagen collection 

Herbal care collection

Panthenol collection

Stem cells collection

Hyaluronic collection

3D Fillers collection


Vitamin E collection 

Vitamin F collection 

Bronzeada collection 

Miceclean collection

Hair care collection

Nail care collection 

Extreme kiss collection

Snail mucin collection 



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