Dear colleagues and partners!

From the 30th January to the 2nd February 2017 our company took part in Arab Health exhibition, which was held in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, UAE.

We can rightly say that our booth was one of the most popular and recognizable among the Russian exposition and among 4,500 exhibitors of Arab Health.

Visitors to our booth could get acquainted with the novelties of our assortment:

  • Multiscan diagnostic complexes,
  • Irtis high precision digital thermographs,
  • Rikta quantum therapy and quantum veterinary devices,
  • self-resorbed wound dressings,
  • and many others.

Our stand was visited by more than 500 people from most Gulf, Asian and African countries, with whom we were able to communicate and exchange contacts. And how many were visitors in total, we even did not have time to count. But interest in Russian medicine and Russian technologies has been huge.

As a result of the exhibition, we are negotiating the distribution of our products with almost all the countries of the Persian Gulf, the largest countries in Africa and Asia and are opening new markets for our company!

Expanding constantly our products range, opening new business horizons, increasing sales every month, we can present you our new slogan: 10 MED is all what you need from Russia for medicine!

If you need to find diagnostic equipment, physiotheraphy devices, rehabilitation and resuscitation solutions, venture projects to invest, just contact us, and we will be your reliable partner for many years!

Your 10 MED team

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