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Stress-Scanner Pro Diagnostic Systemfreedelivery

It is duplex diagnostic system, which include two programs: MEDICINE and SPORT

The following description of both programs

Diagnostic System "MEDICINE" (Omega-M)


Private medical office with equipment allowing rapid diagnosis of patients, at present has become a necessity for lots of practicing doctors and other health care professionals. The use of medical diagnostic systems in medical practice enables to quickly and objectively assess the health status and predict possible changes. Application of modern methods of diagnostics by specialists of medical institutions allows keeping the process of treatment and rehabilitation under continuous control by selecting the most effective medications and procedures.

Expanding the range of paid medical services poses new challenges for a practitioner. This includes the creation of an operational “e-filing system”, quick processing of results, providing accessible information to a patient and prompt dispatch of survey data to conduct remote consultations with specialists.

Trust and support

Practice has shown that medical patients react to the use of diagnostic equipment during the course of treatment with enthusiasm, as they get the opportunity to actually observe the process of improving of their condition and get necessary information in the form of colorful and clear printouts. This fact contributes to the increase of patient’s confidence in the doctor, has a positive impact on the moral and psychological condition of a patient, promotes speedy and complete recovery of a patient and significantly increases the degree of satisfaction with the doctor’s actions and the process of treatment. This is especially important for the training of patient's self-control in relation to precise compliance with recommended procedures in the course of treatment or rehabilitation.

Avalible for All

A lot of diagnostic systems developed by domestic and foreign manufacturers of medical equipment are more expensive and difficult in operating. Moreover, such devices often require a long training before their use. Examination of patients with fixed diagnostic systems takes a long time and requires mandatory delivery of a patient to a medical facility. These circumstances narrow the range of application of such complexes and adversely affect the availability and cost of high-quality medical examination.

In order to provide doctors and caregivers with the ability to carry out diagnostics with minimal time and organizational resources, the specialists of the scientific and production created a portable complex of medical diagnostic instrument OMEGA-M.

Accuracy and objectivity

Complex OMEGA-M allows implementing diagnostic procedures based on the neurodynamic analysis of the heart rate variability of a human body.

Non-specificity in relation to nosologic forms of pathology and high sensitivity to various internal and external influences is characteristic of the complex, which is well known to specialists.

One of the main advantages of the method of data processing is a combination of two forms of results representation – visual, which allows assessing qualitative changes just in a glance, and numerical, which allows obtaining exact numerical values of a large number of well-known, classic indicators of the health status of a person. Practically, this means fast, but accurate and objective monitoring of the patient's condition.

OMEGA-M can be called a mobile medical diagnostic cabinet, especially because it can be used in any environment – from a hospital to a car.

From discovery to results

Scientific and production company “Dynamics” was created in accordance with the resolution of the State Committee of science and technology of the USSR Council of Ministers on the basis of the decision of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences. For more than 20 years SPC “Dynamics” has been specializing on the creation and production of professional medical diagnostic equipment, which allows carrying out cardiac monitoring of physical and emotional state of human in real-time.

In 1968 the specialists of the medical service of the Navy of USSR started the study and created a theory that became the basis for the development of new information technologies in the cardiovasology process analysis. The technology was supposed to be used in military training of intelligence and sabotage units of the Navy. In 1983 scientists completed the development of the basic technology called “fractal neurodynamics.” This scientific work was awarded the State prize of the USSR.

The basis for this technology is a view that processes in central nervous system are discrete in response to the exposure to a variety of factors of both external and internal environment. The technology called “fractal neurodynamics” later became the foundation for the creation and implementation of complex scientific and technical decisions underlying the functioning of the diagnostic systems manufactured by SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro”.

Guarantee and standards

Technology of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, is allowed for use for medical purposes, and is protected by patents and copyright certificates of the Russian Federation.

Software and hardware of diagnostic complexes of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” meets the requirements for standards of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use of the indicators of cardio-intervalography, accepted by the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Association for Electrophysiology.

SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” manufacturing complex meets the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

The production capacity of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” can produce a wide range of medical diagnostic complexes, which are used in such institutions as:

  • Specialized medical institutions, hospitals, research institutes, medical units, variety formats of medical stations
  • Clinics, sanatoriums, offices of functional diagnostics
  • Medical offices in schools
  • Medical services of aviation and transport companies
  • Medical services of the Emergencies Ministry, Traffic police, Police departments

Twenty years of research experience in the field of the development and production of specialized equipment, that allows real-time cardiac monitoring of human physical state, convinced us that the existing organization of athletes’ medical support and their health monitor does not always allow to quickly identify the danger signs of physical condition deteriorating. The result of the efforts of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” creative team, focused on the solution of this problem, was the creation of a specialized diagnostic complex “OMEGA-C”, designed for the use in professional sports.

Table cabinet

The fundamental feature of the specialized portable medical diagnostic system OMEGA-M is the ease of its practical application. The device is small in size and can be used in practically any conditions, including outside the medical institution. Despite its small size, the diagnostic complex “OMEGA-M” is a real “office in a suitcase.” Following the detailed step by step instructions allows you to obtain the results of the research in visual form quickly.

With a portable diagnostic complex “OMEGA-M”it is possible to

  • identify the main health indicators
  • select medications individually
  • evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and any other medical and preventive procedures.

Diagnosis on the screen

To make the use of the device as comfortable as possible, specialists of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” have developed a number of specialized highly informative indicators for assessing functional and physical condition of the patient.

The features of the complex “OMEGA-M” allows performing quick and objective verification of the patient's condition using such diagnostic procedures as:

  • Registration of electrocardiogram
  • Monitoring of indicators of functional state
  • Assessment of cardiovascular system condition
  • Assessment of autonomic system condition
  • Evaluation of energy resources of the body
  • Assessment of the emotional state
  • Dynamic observation of the body condition
  • Assessment of the biological age of a patient
  • Formation of a complex medical report
  • Daily health condition forecast

It should be emphasized that special program of dynamic observation allows predicting the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

OMEGA M can be used for daily health monitoring in case of

  • outpatient treatment
  • administration and reception of biologically active food supplements
  • starvation diet
  • use of home physiotherapy devices
  • acupuncture, manual therapy and hirudotherapy.

Health condition monitoring with OMEGA-M is also extremely effective in case of various courses aimed at reducing excess weight

Set and support

The diagnostic system OMEGA-M includes:

  • the ECG registration module with USB interface “Stress-Scanner Pro”
  • cardiographic electrodes
  • software that can be installed on the computer with any configuration.

Experts of SPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” have developed, as a special helper application to the OMEGA-M complex, a program that allows choosing individual rhythm of breathing exercises for each patient. These breathing exercises allow correcting the painful condition promptly and to prevent such conditions.

Examples of Reports:









Diagnostic System "SPORT" (Omega-S)

Sport without Danger

You can hardly imagine modern professional sport without exceptional physical and emotional intensity of exercises which can be dangerous for the sportsmen’s health or even life. Intensive training combined with pharmaceutical preparations requires constant operational control of the changes that can take place in a human body. Such control can be performed only with the help of specific diagnostic devices.

Using such devices enables us to

  • objectively assess the physical condition of an athlete;
  • make timely adjustments to the training process
  • determine the readiness of an athlete for a competition;
  • determine the acceptable exercise intensity;
  • determine if any medical intervention is needed.

Accuracy in Everything

The usage of diagnostic devices during trainings, and competitions is particularly important because coaches, and doctors in sports medicine get the opportunity to observe the process of change in the physical and emotional condition of a sportsman based on objective indicators. This circumstance facilitates the increase of trust on behalf of a sportsman to his/her coach, helps a sportsman get into good shape faster and boosts the effectiveness of the training process

The application of modern diagnostic methods by coaches, doctors in sports medicine, employees of training centers and stadiums allows

  • the improvement of the training process;
  • choosing the most effective exercise and intensity;
  • creating an effective medicated support course;
  • the prevention of injuries and diseases.

Minimal Costs

However, many diagnostic systems of domestic and foreign production cannot be used outside specialized medical institutions. Examining athletes with the help of stationary systems takes time and requires the presence of an athlete in a medical institution which is not always possible. These factors prevent us from providing constant operational control of an athlete's condition.

In order to overcome these difficulties and provide athletes, coaches and doctors in sports medicine with the opportunity to carry out an independent medical diagnosis with minimal investment of time and organizational resources, the specialists of the research production company “Stress-Scanner Pro” created the system of portable medical diagnostic equipment OMEGA-S.

Objective Control

 OMEGA-S system allows performing diagnostic procedures on the basis of neurodynamic analysis of the heart rate variability of the human body. It was found that all processes occurring in the human body are reflected in the changes of the rhythm of his/her heart. Thus, the study of the dynamics of the human heart rhythm enables us to carry out the objective assessment of the body's condition. The characteristic feature of this method is its high sensitivity to a variety of internal and external influences which allows evaluating the result of the systemic reaction of the mechanisms of multiple and multi-level regulations of the processes occurring in the body of an athlete.

New information analysis technology of cardio-rhythmic processes occurring in the body is the basis of “OMEGA-S” system. This technology is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, permitted for use medicinally and is protected by patents and copyright certificates of the Russian Federation.

To evaluate the functional and physical condition of an athlete, the experts of RPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” offered a number of highly informative indicators, such as:

  • “level of adaptation of the body to the intensity of exercise”
  • “level of the heart's fitness”
  • “the fitness index”
  • “index of the organism's energy supply.”

The use of this equipment allows you to get an objective assessment of the physical condition of an athlete who is being examined during the minimum period of time. For example, the time of the examination of one competitor does not exceed one minute when the multi-channel version of the “OMEGA-S” system is being used.

The diagnostic “OMEGA-S” system is used by such football clubs as “ZENIT,” “SPARTAK,” “RUBIN” and many other sports clubs of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. “OMEGA-S” system is also used in many medical and sports clinics and centers of sports medicine. The application of this system in youth sports schools is of particular importance.

Big Programme

 Professional hardware and software “Omega-S” system, developed by RPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” allows us to perform an objective assessment of the physical condition of an athlete in the process of training, before sporting events and during these events.

The use of “Omega-S” system by coaches and doctors in sports medicine provides the following diagnostic measures:

The express-control mode allows us to determine:

  • the level of an athlete's adaptation to physical exercises;
  • the degree of the athlete's heart fitness;
  • the level of the energy supply of physical exercise;
  • current psycho-emotional state of an athlete;
  • integral index “index of fitness.”

The dynamic observation mode allows us to:

  • monitor the functional condition of an athlete,
  • assess the level of training and competitive exercise intensity

To determine the effectiveness of different recovery and prevention methods:

  • during the pre-season training;
  • during competitions;
  • during rehabilitation after sports injuries;
  • while conducting supporting and correcting medicated and physiotherapy activities.

During group examination:

  • to select the most prepared athletes for the time being;
  • to assess the prospects of improving, maintaining or worsening of an athlete's physical shape;
  • to form groups of athletes according to the level of physical fitness;
  • to identify “sudden,” unmotivated reductions of functional parameters, resulting from possible violations of the sporting schedule.

To document the results of the examination, to work with databases and generate individual and group conclusions about the rational organization of the training process and medicated support.

New Opportunities

The application of “OMEGA-S” system by coaches and doctors in sports medicine enables us:

  • to objectively monitor the indicators of the physical and mental condition of an athlete in real time,
  • to predict the achievement of a peak in fitness and maintain it throughout the competition period.

Dynamic monitoring of athletes with the help of “OMEGA-S” system throughout the whole season allows us:

  • to significantly increase the efficiency of training;
  • to reduce the risk of injury and the emergence of diseases ;
  • to prevent athletes with a risk of sudden cardiac arrest from participation in a competition, thus preventing the death of an athlete during a competition

Due to constant monitoring of both physical and mental conditions of an athlete, we can create new unique methods of individual intensity selection and duration of physical activity

Preventing the Risk

The constantly accumulated electronic database allows you to quickly record the variations of health status, which, in its turn, allows to timely prevent an athlete from training or participating in a competition.

In addition, the system in the dynamic monitoring mode allows us to

  • identify people who consume alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • identify people who violate the sporting schedule.

Built-in fingerprint identification system allows you to exclude the cases when one athlete intentionally passes medical examination instead of another one.

Thus, the widespread use of “OMEGA-S” system by sport clubs will both significantly improve the quality of the physical preparation of athletes and will also allow to timely prevent the emergence of risks to their health and life.

Doctor’s Office in a Suitcase

One of the main features of the specialized portable medical diagnostic system OMEGA-S is the ease of its practical application.

This system has been designed to make its use as simple and comfortable as possible. This also applies to the size of the device OMEGA-S, which is actually a miniature “Diagnostic doctor's office in a suitcase.” This device can be used in virtually any environment, including the gym, stadium and car.

Another feature of OMEGA-S system (in a multi-channel version) is its technological ability to simultaneously examine a group of athletes which is extremely effective when used in team sports. Examination time for a group of seven people does not exceed 10 minutes.

In order to use OMEGA-S system, one does not require special medical education. Following a detailed step by step manual will enable you to quickly receive the examination results in visual form. To make the use of the device as easy as possible, the specialists of RPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” have developed a number of specialized highly informative indicators for the evaluation of the functional and physical condition of an athlete's body under examination.

Supplying a Complete Set and Support

“OMEGA-S” diagnostic system contains (in one channel version):

  • ECG registration module with the USB “Dynamics” interface;
  • cardiographic electrodes;
  • software installable on a computer of any configuration.

“OMEGA-S” diagnostic system contains (in multi-channel version):

  • microprocessor registering device “Stress-Scanner Pro”;
  • cardiographic electrodes;
  • software installable on a computer of any configuration.

RPC “Stress-Scanner Pro” provides its customers with a full set of teaching materials and manuals, guarantees constant consulting support, and, if necessary, can conduct additional user training.

To provide the support of the users of OMEGA-S system, the research production company “Dynamics” has created a specialized Internet portal that enables the users to keep an original database concerning the physical condition of athletes, get more consultation and access to new products of RPC “Stress-Scanner Pro.”


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