Peresvet hardware-software complex is diagnostic and therapeutic computer system which realizes the most interesting methods of traditional and restorative medicine:

- electro-acupuncture diagnostics and therapy by Voll;

- auricular diagnostics and therapy;

- electropunctural diagnostics by Nakatani;

- quantum therapy.




- accurate rapid diagnosis of patients and harmless treatment; 

- monitoring of efficiency of any kind of therapy.



- Peresvet device with kit of sensors, cables and electrodes;
- CD with software for diagnostics and therapy;
- electronic key;
- set of the technical documentation.


Voll module:

- teaching system contains exhaustive information about biologically active points (functions, type, designation, localization);
- measurement module provides record of all electropuncture indices during measurement process;
- variety of measurement profiles from the most popular express-routes to differential diagnosis through anamnesis data, systems of the body, nosologic forms and meridians;
- conclusion on the basis of expert analysis of 200 nosologic forms, estimation of disease acuteness, analysis of target organs, acupuncture points and meridians, visceral analysis;
- electropuncture therapy with automatic adjustment of treatment parameters: mode, pulse shape, frequency, duration and exposure time;
- comparative analysis with an overview of medical history.




Nakatani module:

- electropunctural method, which allows to evaluate the state of meridian system of patient;
- Ryodoraku test (Nakatani) allows to receive general information about the health of the patient in 5-7minutes;
- Nakatani test is used for assessment of the functional state of acupuncture meridians, body systems, dynamic health monitoring, creation of personal plan of treatment and evaluation of its effectiveness by measurement of 24 representative points located in the wrist and ankle joints;
- results are represented in the R-card (RyoCard) proposed by Y. Nakatani and show functional state of meridians, which correlates with the state of organs, tissues, sensory, mental and emotional conditions of patient;
- treatment plan related with the use of quantum and TENS-therapy.



Auricular module:

- teaching system for auricular reflexodiagnosis;
- measurement module provides differential diagnosis through different examination routes (10 main systems of the body);
- multi-factor analysis module: patient's subjective feelings (pain under pressing) and pathologic changes are also used in conclusion;
- report shows the presence, acuteness and nature of pathologic process (acute or chronic, exacerbation or remission, etc);
- personal daily plan of acupuncture treatment.



Therapy module:

- more than 150 schemes of quantum therapy (magnetic-infrared-laser) for treatment of 200 diseases (Milta or Rikta devices required), selection of them is based on results of Voll's diagnosis;

- module creates an integrated treatment program using a set of schemes of quantum therapy and universal rehabilitation programs for basic and accompanying pathologies, repetition of treatment zones and exposure time, which is kept in a database as a prescription sheet for quantum therapy.





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