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ULM blankets - "two screens"

Now in production there were new ULM blankets - "two screens"

ULM blankets - "two screens" significantly enhances the therapeutic effect.How it works? It activates the body's defenses to fight many diseases, relieve chronic fatigue syndrome, normalizes metabolism, get rid of a headache, reduce the effects of the oxidative stress.30-40 minutes in the medical blanket recover almost the same way as full hours of sleep. Regular use of a therapeutic blanket prolongs youth, slowing the aging process, improves sexual human activity.

ULM blankets - "two screens"- a priceless gift for older people and the whole family. As well as a good acquisition in medical offices and clinics. The efficacy will surpass your expectations.


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Healing compound blanket

The ULM-cloth healing compound blanket is a therapeutic device containing a shielding layer based on electrostatic lavsan film.It is is designed for treatment and prophylaxis of functional disorders and diseases.

The adaptive mechanisms normalization of the patient's body underlies the principle of the device operation.

High effectiveness, usability and safety allow to apply ULM-cloth at home not only for treatment purposes but also for relieving fatigability, normalizing sleep, raising body's resistibility.


ULM-cloth (blanket) is recommended for application in complex therapy of: blanket 1

  • central nervous system diseases (vegetovascular dystonia);
  • peripheral nervous system diseases (undue myasthenic muscle fatigability);
  • autonomic nervous system diseases (asthenovegetative disorders);
  • cardiovascular system diseases (I-II stage hypertension);
  • neuropsychic diseases (asthenic neurosis, asthenoneurotic syndrome, affective disorders);
  • locomotor system diseases (osteochondrosis, arthritis).

ULM-cloth is compatible with pharmacotherapy


  • acute infectious diseases and fevers of unascertained diagnosis;
  • active forms of pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • acute myocardium infarction;
  • ardiac and cardiopulmonary decompensation;
  • neoplasms;
  • implanted devices


Model line ULM-cloth



 povyazka phisio

   Bandage physiotherapy

  • standard 
  • small 

complete with two covers of cotton fabric

 spalnyi meshok_2

   Sleeping bag

  • Standard
  • wide 
  • small
  • complete with liner from cotton fabric

 shapka 2


  • covers the head, neck, ears and forehead 
  • with the extension of the cervical spine 
 jilet 2


in length above the tailbone

 rukav 2


in length above the elbow joints 

 rukavica 2


lengthened to the middle of the forearm

 nakolennik 2


  • Standard Flat
  • in the form of a cup 
 poyas 2


with the expansion of the middle part

 shorti 2



 golenische 2


  • from ankle to mid-thigh
  • short, knee
 pelerina 2  


with stand-up collar in the back of

 botinki 2  


  • above the ankle
  • above the ankle with a densified outsole
     shlepki 2


    with a densified outsole