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RITM Scenar Optima

(Scenar-1-NT version 02.2) 

When you purchase the device as a gift you get:

  • USB-Stick with training info;
  • Pads electrode
  • Cable

 *Pad's electrode in the set can be different in form: oval, round, square, rectangular and tp. 
It depends on the availability in the warehouse.











To order the device, go to the online store using the red button above. 

Or contact us on the Online-chat in the lower right corner of the screen


Do I need a training to get started?

The package contains two Manual books in English. And also we send a gift to each buyer - the USB-stick with materials about SCENAR-therapy, which you can use to get started.

What guarantee for the device if something happened to it?

We provide warranty on the device for 3 years. We are in Russia and we do not have service centers in every country in the world. But we care about our customers and offer them convenient ways to solve problems. If something happens to the device - you will get a new device. SCENAR - quality products, and cases of damage are rare. Therefore this way is the simplest solution for both sides.

What is the cost and time of delivery?

We provide free delivery around the world. We will sent your parcel as "test/sample" or "gift" - and you do not need to pay any taxes, when you will received your parcel. Usually the processing time of an order takes no more than 1 working day. Most often, we send the parcel on the same day that the order was placed.

The delivery time to the countries of the European Union takes 5-9 working days. For other countries, the shipping time can be 7-14 working days. After sending the device, we will send you the track number, and you can to track the delivery process of your parcel.

For companies and organizations who want official commercial delivery, we do customs clearance.

How can I pay for the device? Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay for your order by Credit Card. We will send you an Invoice for payment to your e-mail. By clicking on the link you can make payment. Also we can send you an Invoice for the Bank Transfer, and you can make a payment to our bank account details.

What guarantees do I have that I will receive my order?

We sell goods for about 10 years, and it is important for us to preserve our reputation. Therefore, we respect every customer, and we can not afford to lose the trust of customers because of one case.

Moreover, modern payment systems take care of customers and take on your risks. If you do not receive the goods, you can report (complain) to the payment service, and your funds will be returned to you.

We have a good reputation, and you can read reviews about us in the Reviews section. A large percentage of our customers are returning to our store to shop for more.

Do you still have doubts?

Write us your questions in the online chat in the lower right corner of the screen.


To order the device, go to the online store using the red button above. 

Or contact us on the Online-chat in the lower right corner of the screen



Description of the device

Optimal combination of price and quality. Compared with the previous model (Scenar Pro) functional unit is extended by adding a second mode dosed ("Diag 2" - the differential dose) and a combined modulation mode (swing), allowing at the same time change the shape, the number of pulses in a pack, the gap between pulses and frequency their repetition. The device is most popular among sports doctors and specialists of manual therapy.

This device is CE certified. 

Technical parameters

Power supply

4 batteries AAA

Maximum current consumption

no more than 650 mA

The repetition frequency of incentives

15-350 Hz


LCD matrix

Mode of amplitude modulation

1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1

Frequency range in frequency modulation mode

30 to 120 Hz with the period of the change (7 ± 2).

Dosing regimens

"Diag1"- Integral dose and null, 

"Diag 2"- a differential dose.

Mode screening


Modes damping

4 permanent mode, 1 variable mode

Additional modes


Intensity (number of pulses per pack)

1 ..8 pulses with pauses in a pack from 200 to 1600 ms

Adjusting the exposure energy

1 ... 250 units.

Сombined modulation mode

One embodiment (St 1) the simultaneous changes in the shape, the number of pulses in the pack, and a gap between pulses of repetition frequency.

 The number of factory / storable user presets



1000 hours

Average lifetime

At least 5 years

To order the device, go to the online store using the red button above. 

Or contact us on the Online-chat in the lower right corner of the screen