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 Cosmetology Set includes 1 device and 4 electrodes:

Scenar Sport Device (Chans-01-Scenar)

CHANS-01-Scenar - one of the most popular versions of personal devices. It has a fairly wide range of functions for all possible of SCENAR-therapy. More details you can see here


Face Electrode

Designed for cosmetic purposes to act on small areas of the skin surface (wings of the nose, eyes). It is also useful in the treatment of children


scenar el_10

Double Electrode "Pencils"

 It is intended to stimulate small skin surface areas, skin areas with ‘complex relief‘

scenar el_6

Special Y-type Electrode "Snail"

 Cosmetic Electrode, Y type with small balls on the ends. Suitable for small muscles stimulation

scenar el_9

Double Cosmetic Electrode 

 Special Cosmetic Electrode with two spaced electrodes with 20-25mm diameter.  It is intended to stimulate skin surface for cosmetic needs

scenar el_5


 Also set includes:

  • Operating Manual (in English)
  • User's Manual (in English)
  • USB-flashcard with materials, articles, additional information about Scenar therapy