Treatment of hypertension.


Regular use of the applicator  Cardio-Friend will:

  • increase the interictal period
  • improve tolerability of "jumps" blood pressure
  • reduce the amount of drugs used (in some cases, completely reject)
  • reduce the risk of stroke
  • relieve pain

Cardio-Friend help cope with stress, shift changes in the weather and prevent pressure buildup.

Indications for use:

  • Initial hypertension (hypertension stage 1-2)
  • Border Guard hypertension
  • Hypertension soft currents without drops in blood pressure
  • Headaches

Features of the application:

The effect of the applicator Cardio-Friend concluded in targeted electromagnetic influence on biologically active points of human by microcurrent constantly changing shapes and magnetic field.

cardio-friend 3cardio-friend 4Such exposure provides improved flow of blood, vasodilatation normalization, nutrition of cardiac muscle and lowering blood pressure. Disappear headaches, normal overall health: no more noise in the ears and front sights before eyes. There is a general burst of energy.

cardio-friend 2

The applicator is fixed via an elastic cord to the biologically active point specified in the instruction. Action of the applicator effectively within 60 mm. Direct hit on the point, it is desirable, but not required. In some cases, it is advisable to fixing the applicator at the points maximal painfulness.

The duration of application of from 1 hour to 10-12 hours. The optimal selection of parameters influence protects the body from the overdose. Model of the applicator Cardio-Friend due to the presence electroimpulses suitable for continuous use. Ie with chronic hypertension may use day and night.

Cardio-Friend applicator does not depend on external sources of energy and is designed for efficient operation for at least 5 years.