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Multimag professional magnetic therapy complex is designed for dosed-up influence of frequency-modulated magnetic fields on the human body as a whole and on its individual parts. The method is based on the therapeutic and healing effect of low-intensity magnetic field of special structure. The treatment is effective, painless and causes pleasant subjective sensations.

Therapy effects: restoration of functional reserves, normalization of metabolic processes, improvement of microcirculation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hypotensive, stimulating effect.



Positive results are achieved in 85% of cases in the treatment of atherosclerosis; obliterating endarteritis of the extremities; diseases of Burgess and Reynaud; diabetic angiopathy; hypertensive disease; ischemic heart disease; chronic venous insufficiency. Expressed health-improving effect in chronic and sluggish processes: deforming osteoarthritis; cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis; intercostal neuralgia; myositis; slowly consolidating fractures; bruises; in the period of preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation. 


 Technical capabilities:

  • wide touch-screen for control and tuning;
  • real time 3D-visualization of influence of magnetic field on a patient;
  • biofeedback mode: monitoring the patient's health;
  • magnetomusic effect;
  • anthropometric electromagnetic couch is adapting to size of the patient;
  • database of medical techniques;
  • friendly interface, allowing to create medical techniques.



Technical parameters:
Types of magnetic fields constant, variable, pulsed, running, moving in space and time according to predetermined program
Power consumption, not more than (W) 800
Weight, not more than (kg) 170
The maximum value of the magnetic induction (mT) 2,0
Number of channels with an independent dosage for each channel 8
Smooth adjustment of the set frequency of the magnetic field in the range (Hz) from 0,01 to 100
The complex should provide polarity reversal of the magnetic induction vector
Overall dimensions of magnetoscale, WxDxH (mm) 2004х1226х950
Overal dimensions of control unit (mm) 500x600x1610
Operating mode of the device - time of the procedure, not more than (min) 20
Pause, not less than (min) 10
Time of continuous work per day, not more than (h) 6
Average service life, not less than (years) 5
Power supply (V / Hz) 220/50, can be made under requirements of distributor


 CE MARK, FDA pending, patented technology.




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