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Silver water ionizer


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Silver ionizer is a water purifier with silver electrodes and electronic control. Nevoton allows to cook the clean water with silver ions, which can be used for drinking, washing, watering and so on. For your convenience ionizer is equipped with touchscreen control.

Intended use: Nevoton is used for saturation of water with silver ions, which kill the contained harmful microorganisms and make the water healthy.

How can you get the water with silver ions easy and fast?

You can pour the water into a silver dish or immerse a few silver items into it, and then leave for a few days, and better weeks. Both ways work, however, not as efficient as we would like. Process of ionization is very slow and water is ionized not so much.

No need to wait! Use Nevoton silver ionizer - the ionization of water is 1000 times faster!

How does Nevoton work?

Silver ionizer works on electrochemical principle. Ionization of water is provided by a pair of electrodes and depends on settings of voltage and current of the electrodes. One electrode is made of silver, the second one - of stainless steel. When power turns on, there is an electrical potential between the electrodes and water begins to be actively saturated with silver ions. To produce 1 litre of silver water will need only 35 seconds!


1. Mode selection.

Silver ionizer has two modes:

  • Silver drinking water. The concentration of silver ions is up to 35 µg/l – is used for drinking, cooking and so on.
  • Silver concentrated water. The concentration of silver ions up to 10000 µg/l - is used for washing, cooking, beauty masks, inhalers for treatment of respiratory diseases, for cleaning different items.

2. Volume of water:

Nevoton-2Nevoton is designed for silver ionization of 1, 2 or 3 litres of water per cycle. LED on the unit turns on depending on the selected volume of water. Time of ionization of water with silver ions depends on the selected mode of operation and volume of water:

  • 1 liter - 35 sec
  • 2 liters - 70 sec
  • 3 liters - 105 sec

After ionization the device automatically turns off.


The device is powered by electricity and is in contact with water, so safety questions and questions of safe operation go up to the fore. These issues have been completely resolved during construction of Nevoton device. Russian developers paid great attention to electrical safety. As was shown by numerous tests at correct operation the probability of electric shock is completely eliminated in Nevoton device.

Technical parameters:


  • case material: plastic used in food industry,
  • anode material: silver 999,
  • anode weight: 2.4 g,
  • power of the current in the drinking water mode: 1 mA,
  • power of the current in the concentrated water mode: 4 mA,
  • concentration of silver ions in drinking water mode: 35 mkg/l,
  • concentration of silver ions in the concentrated water mode: 10000 mkg/l,
  • power supply: 220-230 V,
  • current consumption: 100 mA,
  • dimensions: 125x125x150 mm,
  • weight: 600 g,
  • lifetime: 60 tons of water or 3-5 years.

Complete set of delivery:

  • Nevoton silver ionizer,
  • brush for cleaning the ionizer,
  • manuals.