"Vitamin and mineral complex"

«Lizoprim Lor» is a dietary supplement recommended for the quality of an additional source of inulin, vitamin B6, containing lysozyme.

Recommendations for use: adults two tablets five times a day, slowly dissolve until completely dissolved, do not chew and do not drink. Take 8 to 10 days. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.

«Lizoprim Lor» contains inulin, vitamin B6, as well as lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme contained in almost all tissues and body fluids, as a means designed to protect against infectious agents.

Mucous membranes of our body - the gastrointestinal tract, conjunctiva of the eye, respiratory tract and reproductive organs - are often exposed to pathogenic microorganisms due to the fact that they occupy a large area. Lysozyme has the ability to destroy the structural basis of a cell of microorganisms, neutralizing the cause of inflammation and pain in the throat: pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Despite the fact that our body produces lysozyme constantly, such factors as chronic infections, low gastric acidity, antibiotic intake, nutrient deficiency, smoking, overfatigue, hypothermia, poor environmental conditions, old age deplete its reserves and reduce the ability to produce new enzymes and protect yourself, so the body may require additional lysozyme.