"Vitamin and mineral complex"

"Tselevit vitamin C in the enteric coating" - a dietary supplement to food, recommended as an additional source of vitamin C.

Recommendations for use: adults 1 tablet 1 time per day with meals. Duration of admission is 1 month. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.

Symptom: Vitamin C is involved in the processes of hematopoiesis, it has a beneficial effect on the functions of the nervous system, is a stimulant in the work of the endocrine glands, improves the blood composition, since it promotes the splitting and absorption of iron.

"Tselevit vitamin C" is an enteric tablets, each of which is covered with a special coating that withstands the action of gastric juice. This allows the Tselevit vitamin C tablets to go through the stomach unchanged. The enteric coating of the tablet protects the gastric mucosa from the additional irritating effect of ascorbic acid. After entering the intestine, the tablet shell dissolves in an alkaline medium, and vitamin C begins to be absorbed by the body.

Vitamin C is an active participant in oxidation-reduction processes, prevents the oxidation of vitamins entering the body. Its role in ensuring the exchange of proteins, fats, carbohydrates is important.

Vitamin C is water-soluble, it does not accumulate in the body, its surpluses are excreted by the organs of excretion, therefore the supplies of vitamin C need to be replenished daily. Vitamin C is destroyed by high temperatures, light and oxygen, so most of it is lost with all kinds of cooking.