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FEYA - portable thermotherapy device

The device with the Russian voltage does not work in the countries of America.


 It can be stated definitely now that a effective means has been developed to treat and prevent most common diseases rhinitis, grippe, inflammatory diseases of accessory nasal and laryngeal sinuses. Dry heat of the FEYA device can be considered as an easy aid in case of serious problems of nose breathing. The curative effect of thermal procedures has been known from long ago. However, it is the FEYA that provide localized thermal effect on the particular area of the nasopharynx providing constant temperature which is individually selected for the preset time.

Local dosed heating of the nose issues and its accessory sinuses results in microcirculation promotion within the area to be heated. This results in the increase of oxygen content in the tissues and stimulates metabolic and regenerative processes. In addition, biologically active substances which are responsible for local immune response begin to release. Under the thermal effect with the temperature of 40 C the growth of the viruses causing acute respiratory diseases slows down, while at the temperatures of 50-55 C they are completely destroyed.

Medical trials of FEYA at the leading Russian clinics as well as its wide practical application proved it to be highly efficient in treating rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, in children in particular, since they allow the use of vasodilative drops to be significantly reduced. Its design prevents even infants from unpleasant sensation: the Device is comfortably fixed in the area to be heated providing soft warmth and allowing the procedure to be performed as a play. Application of the FEYA as a prophylactic means actually results in preventing acute respiratory diseases that usually begin with rhinitis.

feya 1Indisputable advantages of the FEYA device:

  • high therapeutic effect, in children of all ages in particular;
  • sharp decrease or complete elimination of medicinal preparations;
  • possibility and high efficiency of prophylactic procedures arresting the disease process;
  • the device friendly use allows the procedures to be performed at home on doctor's orders and control.

Grounding is not required. This along with its high efficiency at low prices, mobility and the possibility to control thermal effect assures the FEYA to enjoy wide application not only at home but also at the clinics having physiotherapeutic departments well equipped to perform the procedures in the wards for the patients confined to beds.

At present, the FEYA is the only aid designed for the whole family that is protected with the international patent and which provides treatment and prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases with dry heat resulting in health restoration. Breathe with the FEYA to your health!


controlled temperature
40-55 °C
safety class
weight, max
0.3 kG
consumed power, max
10 VA
power supply
220V±10%, 50 Hz or 120V, 60 Hz