DiaDens-Cardio is special device that helps you normalize your blood pressure. It was developed especially for the people with high blood pressure. It is recommended to use DiaDens-Cardio in episodic cases of high blood pressure. It also may be used to heal chronic high blood pressure and works well with your prescribed medication.


DiaDens-Cardio is a very easy to use device

You simply put it on your wrist and it does everything itself. It has a preset program that works for about 5-7 minutes and that’s it! You can use DiaDens-Cardio along with any other therapy and/or high blood pressure medications. Your body will not get used to DiaDens-Cardio, so it is guaranteed to be effective each and every time. DiaDens-Cardio has no known side effects. With continuous use of DiaDens-Cardio you have a very high chance to completely heal your hypertension condition.

DiaDens-Cardio is absolutely safe for all users

The device works on the frequency of 9,2 Hz, which is traditionally used for therapy of the hypertension, and specially designed program "7710" are intended for reception general sedative, becalming effect.

You should not use DiaDens-Cardio if:

  • you are electricity intolerant. If for some reason you cannot tolerate electro stimulation, you should not use the DiaDens-Cardio;
  • do not use DiaDens-Cardio if you have a cardiac stimulator implant.

DiaDens-Cardio comes with a manual, of course. But the whole process comes to putting it on your wrist and turning it on. It will automatically adjust its program by reading signals from your skin and it will begin the therapy automatically. After the therapy it will turn itself off.

diadens-cardio 2Results:

  • arterial pressure is being stabilized at the level acceptable for a patient;
  • general state of health improves;
  • psycho-emotional state improves;
  • physical efficiency increases;
  • the risk of complications of the essential hypertension is reduced;
  • quality of the patient's life improves.

General Specifications for DiaDens-Cardio:

  • Batteries: 2 x 1, 5 V LR6/AA
  • The device generates bipolar electrical pulses able to dynamically adapt the changes of the skin impedance.
  • Net weight - 0,77 lbs (0,35 kg)
  • Dimensions - 120 х 110 х 110 mm