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Physiotherapy device


Neuro-massager generates bipolar neural impulses, without the constant component. For the body these impulses are constantly "new" signal influences. Every single pulse differs from the previous (not addictive, maximum healing effect).


The Neuro-massager has 5 modes of therapy:

  • 150Hz mode - a mode of high frequency electromassage. Is used to treat acute pain;
  • 50Hz mode - the mode of universal frequency electromassage. In case of the absence of pain, is used for massaging any zones and relaxation;
  • 15Hz mode - a permanent regime of low frequency electromassage. It is used in the presence of chronic diseases;
  • AM mode - a mode of amplitude modulation electromassage. It causes increased contractility of the muscle fibers (skeletal muscle, walls of the stomach, intestines, blood and lymph vessels). It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves nutrition of tissues with oxygen and nutrients, has an anti-inflammatory effect. This mode is designed to improve blood circulation, stomach, intestines, to remove of edema, for treatment of hematomas, also is used in cosmetics;
  • FM mode - the mode of frequency modulation electromassage. It is intended for the treatment of the skin manifestations detected secondary after the main course of treatment, such as: new pain, which is appearing elsewhere, itching, redness or whitening of the skin areas. Secondary diseases on previously untreated areas of the body indicate the optimum zone of influence (the organism tells us about problems itself);

neuro 2The device works through a special needle tips, created on the basis of needle applicators of "Lyapko", which are very popular in Russia and Europe and are sold in thousands.

Applicator "Lyapko" is a device in the form of rubber plate with fixed thereto needles made of different metals which include copper and silver. Grounds of needles are interconnected by electric conductors.

The design of the massage electrode with many needles provides:

  • multiple surface-effect of acupuncture,
  • galvanic effect due to the appearance on the tips of the needles of galvanic currents (composition of each needle and electrical conductivity differ from another needle),
  • vibration effect under the influence of an electric pulse.

neuro 3Neuro-massager is made using high quality German plastic boxes, silver and copper. The matte monolithic keypad will work for a long time. It is more convenient to use Neuro-massager than other famous Russian devices because of the good visibility of the modes and ease of their changing.

Neuro-massager has additional effects in comparison with other therapy devices: acupuncture, galvanic currents and vibration on the needles, and the more varied irritating external influence, the less addictive effect, and fast response of the body is formed leading to a regulatory reduction processes. And this is the main goal of any treatment!

Under the request of distributor Neuro-massager can also be produced with LCD screen and any frequency and pulse effects, as professional model. 

Massage needle electrode

electrode 1




Massage feed electrodes (2 pieces)

(avalible sezes: 40, 43, 46) 

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Device kit includes


Massare needle electrodes