Device for treatment of prostatitis 


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The unit is intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the prostate at the subsiding and remitting stages. Treatment can be complex, performed with the help of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agents, immunomodulators, and adaptogens or as monotherapy.


  • chronic prostatitis;
  • prostatovesiculitis;
  • urethroprostatitis;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) on the background of chronic prostatitis.

The treatment is carried out comprehensively with the use of drugs, prescribed by the doctor or as monotherapy.

Treatment procedures are not painful. During the procedure the patient experiences pleasant warmth and comfort, the treatment can also have a slight sedative effect.

Medical Effect of the Device

Designed for the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis, PROSTAM allows to locally effect the prostate via transrectal access by means of one of the most popular methods used to improve the efficiency of medical treatment, namely hyperthermia, pulsed electromagnetic fields, mechanical micro-vibration.

Thermal effect successfully influences microcirculation (improves blood circulation) and stimulates the immunity in the surrounding tissues.

Local impact of the magnetic field has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effect. Mechanical micro-vibration stimulates the contractility of the muscle cells of the prostate, pelvic floor muscles and leads to the restoration of their tone, thus promoting the secretion of adequate evacuation, which is important in order to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the prostate and to reduce the irritation of the lower urinary tract symptoms.

The therapeutic effect of the local physical influence of the unit PROSTAM is associated with:

  • improvement of tissue microcirculation in the prostate gland and surrounding tissues; - analgesic effect of the vibration factor and pulsed magnetic field;
  • reduction of edema and spastic components, accompanying inflammation.

These effects are reached by means of complex simultaneous impact of hyperthermia, vibration and pulsed magnetic field on the prostate tissue and nerve structures that compose the pelvic plexus, namely the prostatic plexus. The impact on the listed structures, which are involved in the formation of symptoms of lower urinary tract disease in the prostate, reduces the inflammation and helps to restore the functions of the organs of male genitalia.

Local physiotherapy impact on the prostate gland, its innervations apparatus and the surrounding tissues enhance the effect of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment of chronic prostatitis, including the one on the background of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The consequence of such an impact is the improvement of microcirculation in the prostate tissues, reduction of swelling, increased concentration of antibiotics during their concomitant use.

Main Specification



Mains voltage, V


Establishment of operating mode, not more, with


Amplitude of the vibration of the working body on the frequency of 20Hz, mm

up to 0,1

Amplitude value of the radial component of magnetic induction in a pulse magnetic field, mTl


Duration of the cycle of frequency shift, with


Vibration frequency of the working body, Hz


Duration of the treatment cycle, min


Operating temperature of the working body, оС


Time to failure, not less, hours


Overall dimensions, mm

- power supply unit

- working body


155х60х84 Ø19,5х145

Protection class against electric shock


Code of protection degree by the shells of the unit