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Darsonval Ultratek, designed to be used for professional purposes and in the home. Designed to improve the appearance of skin condition, improve the tone of vegetative-vascular system, helps in the treatment of more than 50 different diseases, including intracavitary. The kit contains 5 electrodes. 

With a full range of electrodes darsonval "Ultratek" is perfect for contact and contactless massage different zones: the scalp, face, neck, ears, décolleté, abdominal organs, etc.


Indications for use Darsonval Ultratech:

  • Problem and / or fading skin, loss of elasticity, laxity, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pustules, warts and acne, pale face and oily skin, itchy skin (due to diabetes, eczema or allergies);
  • cellulite;
  • Growth retardation and / or hair loss (alopecia);
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: sciatica, intercostal neuralgia neuralgia and peripheral nerves, spinal osteochondrosis, neyromiozit (muscle pain);
  • Neuroses, insomnia, migraine, periodontal disease, neuroendocrine neurosis, climacteric neurosis;
  • Vascular disease: angiospasm (muscle spasms of the vascular wall), circulatory disorders, Raynaud's syndrome, varicose veins, bruises, sores, hemorrhoids;
  • Poorly healing wounds;
  • Chronic gingivitis, vasomotor rhinitis;
  • Children exudative diathesis.

Principle of operation Darsonval Ultratech:

The basis in of the device is darsonval impact high-frequency electrical discharges using the integrated HF oscillator. It generates a sinusoidal signal with frequency of 120 kHz, which is modulated by the pulse signal frequency up to 100 Hz. The amplitude of the pulses of the order of 30 kV and the current does not exceed the 200 mA, which is perfectly safe for the human body! Electric discharge is applied to areas of skin with special electrodes of glass having an inner volume of which is filled with gas.

History of the device for darsonvalization

Darsonval 5History d'Arsonval device dates back from the end of the XIX century (or rather - since 1891), when the celebrated French physiologist Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval conducted a series of scientific experiments and found a positive effect of the high frequency voltage to the patient's skin , initiating the production of the device, subsequently named after him.

Technical parameters set by Jacques D'Arsonval as reference, must be adhered darsonval manufacturers to achieve true treatment effect in patients.

With the development of electronics and technology, after more than 120 years, it became possible to manufacture apparatus d'Arsonval in miniature housing that allows to use this multifunction device, both at home and in hospitals.

Darsonvalization today - one of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of dermatological, neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases officially recognized beauticians and doctors worldwide.

Darsonvalization: principles and process description

 When dDarsonval 6arsonvalization the desired region of the body affected quickly damped sinusoidal pulsecurrent of low power (average - 0.3 mA), high voltages (from 2 to 30 kV) and the frequency (80 kHz to 200 kHz) through a special gas-filled glass electrodes of different shapes .

In carrying out the procedures between the electrode and the skin is formed an electrical discharge which depending on the dosimetric of parameters of influence can be of different intensities and have diverse effects on the organism.

In carrying out the procedures between the electrode and the skin is formed an electrical discharge which depending on the dosimetric of parameters of influence can be of different intensities and have diverse effects on the organism.

 When voltage is applied electrodes glow orange or purple-bluish light. When this type of light emission does not affect the quality of the therapeutic effect of treatments and depends only on the design of the apparatus and on the production technology from the electrode manufacturer.

 Physiological and therapeutic actions

Darsonvalization has a selective effect on the autonomic nervous system and the body's reaction is typical vegetative reaction. It is to enhance local blood circulation, dilation of arterioles and capillaries of the skin and underlying tissues in the area of influence, improve microcirculation.

In the process of darsonvalization developing hyperemia (redness) of the skin for a short time, there is a slight decrease in blood pressure; parallel to increases the tone the veins, decreases venous stasis.

 Darsonvalization improves the functional condition of the skin, improves its elasticity, stimulates mitosis in the epithelium, prevents the development of wrinkles and hair loss, which explains the use of the method in cosmetology.

 Darsonvalization has an analgesic effect due to both a decrease in the excitability of the nerve elements and the elimination of their ischemia. The greatest analgesic effect is noted in cases where the painful phenomena caused irritation of the autonomic nerve fibers, by the presence of vascular spasms, spasms of smooth muscles or trophic disorders. Darsonvalization also has antipruritic effect.

 The method shows trophico- regenerative action. It is due to improved blood circulation and microcirculation of blood and lymph, increased vascular permeability, which are accompanied by an accelerated supply of oxygen and other metabolites in the cell, stimulating cell metabolism and regenerative processes in tissues.

Darsonvalization is inherent antispastic action manifested in the termination of vasospasm and sphincters. It is an anti-inflammatory effect, due to the influence on the capillary circulation, the elements of the reticuloendothelial system and phagocytosis and straight bactericidal action.

Darsonvalization increases efficiency of muscles, stimulates the formation of bone callus. Improving regional blood circulation and microcirculation, it improves visual acuity and hearing, relieves cardiospasm.

 Thus, the main curative effects of the local darsonvalization considered: local analgesic, vasoactive (increases the overall tone of organs), a local trophic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and bactericidal effect. 

The techniques darsonvalization 

 There are two methods darsonvalization: contact and remote, each of which is used for different types of procedures.

 When the contact procedure of the electrode is moved smoothly over the skin, resulting in silent discharge, wherein the admissible feeling of slight heat (especially in the abdominal procedures).

 When the remote procedure an electrode is moved a short distance from the skin surface to form an an air layer of 2 to 15 mm. Application by remote procedure creates a patient lungs pleasant tingling sensation.

Electrodes: types and purpose

The scope of delivery device for Darsonval Ultratek includes 5 medical electrodes for work on various parts of the body and skin.


                    1                                 2                                3                                          4                                       5 

darsonval 7

It is pectinate, rectal, fungoid, spinal (cervical) and ear electrodes.

1. Pectinate 

Performing procedures on the scalp to prevent hair loss 
and acceleration their growth.

2. Rectal 

Conducting point dermatological treatments (treatment of acne,
boils, warts, herpes sores, minor wounds, etc.), as well as the area
darsonvalization the colon, vagina, etc.
3. Fungoid

Performing procedures on large areas of skin of the face
and body.

 4. Spinal 
Performing procedures on the cervical, thoracic and
vertebral spine.
 5. Ear
Performing procedures in the external auditory canal
and nasal passage.


 Treatment of various diseases with by device Darsonval Ultratech

Treatment of skin diseases without isolating fluid at the site of inflammation

In the treatment of skin diseases and inflammation without isolating the fluid at the site of inflammation (eczema, shingles, atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.) used by the contact technique darsonvalization.

Before the procedure, should be pre-treated skin area dry swab of cotton wool or a piece of gauze, and then attach the electrode to the skin and without pressure to move in a circular motion, not taking away from the skin surface.

Use the fungoid electrode for treatment of large areas of the skin, abdominal (rectal) electrode - for the treatment of sinuses phalanges limbs.

During the session darsonvalization can to simultaneously handle up to 5 different sites on the surface of the body, choosing them at random. After the procedure, it is recommended to treat skin cream.

Procedure duration is 5-7 minutes for each of the affected areas, the course of treatment consists of 10-15 sessions conducted every day or two.

Treatment of skin diseases by isolating of the fluid at the site of inflammation

In the treatment of skin diseases and inflammation with allocation of fluid at the site of inflammation (weeping eczema, nonhealing wounds, burns, frostbite, etc.) using remote procedure darsonvalization.

To affected skin is superimposed 2-3 layers of cheesecloth or a canvas cloth. Attach electrode to the tissue, select an acceptable mode of action and move the electrode linear or circular motion for 8-10 minutes over the affected areas.

During the procedure is permitted to handle up to 4 different spaces on the surface of the body, choosing them at random. The course of treatment consists of 10-15 sessions conducted every day or two.

Darsonvalization scalp

Darsonval 8For the prevention of diseases scalp (dandruff, hair loss, etc.) and to improve tone of the hair apply darsonvalization contact technique, using pectinate electrode.

Remove the metal objects from hair and comb the hair.

Attach pectinate electrode to the scalp and gradually increase the voltage until the pleasant sensation of tingling. Slowly move the electrode from the forehead to the nape.

Treatments of 10 minutes is performed every day or two, the general course of 20-25 procedures.



Overall improvement of the functional state of the skin 

Darsonval 10For improving the functional states of the skin, improving its elasticity of and prevent the development of wrinkles, the effects of the fungoid electrode apparatus Darsonval Ultratech. Is carried out contact method is slow, circular or linear motion of the center of the face to the ears, from the center of the forehead to her temples, from the center of the chin to the ears alternately one and the other half of the face.

The procedure is performed daily or every other day for 5-10 minutes at low and medium power.
General course - 15-20 procedures.



Darsonvalization of warts

 For removal of warts using remote technique of impacts intracavitary (rectal) electrode.

The working tip of the electrode is held over overgrowth of the skin with an air gap of 5-10 mm ensures the occurrence of intense discharge.
Duration of treatment for 5-10 minutes, the treatment is carried out 3-5 days.

Darsonvalization of rectum

 When inflammation of the bowel wall treatment is carried out by corona discharge only after decrease of acute events. Before the procedure, the patient should empty the bowel and wash the skin with warm water in the crotch area.

The patient lies on his side with his feet pressed to the his belly, injected into the rectum to a depth of 4-6 cm abdominal (rectal) electrode vaselined.

Position of the vehicle is fixed with sacks of sand, so the electrode lying horizontally and not pressed on the side wall of the rectum. To input, output and fix electrode should be cautious, because it has fragile and break his rough handling can lead to local injury tissue of cavity.

Impact intensity gradually increased until the patient's feeling of slight heat, continuously monitoring feels will, reducing the intensity in the case of the feelings of overheating.

In the presence of cracks and sharp pain in 15 minutes before the procedure is introduced into the rectum with a candle containing belladonna (Atrópa belladónna).

The presence of minor bleeding is not a contraindication for rectal procedures.

Contraindications to the procedure is an acute, inflammatory period, the presence of the developing acute proctitis or thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins. Procedures are also contraindicated if the treatment is enhanced bleeding or pain occur.
The course of treatment up to 20 treatments.

Prevention and treatment of bronchitis, tracheitis, genyantritis and diseases of the nose and throat

 Darsonval 11For prevention and treatment of bronchitis, tracheitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other diseases apply the contact tal procedure using fungoid electrode.

When processing the nose first processed wings of the nose, alternately from left and right by touching fungoid electrode surface of the skin by moving the electrode away from the nose bridge to the nostrils, and the tip of the nose down to the cheeks for 5 minutes.

Then treated area from the upper lip to the nose (nasolabial fold), smooth movement of the electrode from left to right and vice versa.

It is recommended to breathe deeply ozonized air, but not more than 3 minutes (to avoid ozone intoxication)!

Darsonval 12Further processed front surface of the neck smooth linear movement of the electrode up and down for 5 minutes.

Last processed back of the neck translational movements upwards and downwards alternately for 5 minutes.

When genyantritis recommended additional impact on the left and right nasal passage, by introducing intracavitary (rectal) or ear of the electrode in each passage to a depth of no more than 2 cm.

After the procedure, the treated skin surface should be lubricated with baby cream.

Duration of treatment - 8-12 procedures.
The repetition course for the purpose of disease prevention is recommended every 2 months.

Treatment of diseases of the joints

 Darsonval 31For the treatment of polyarthritis, arthritis, spondylarthrosis used technique of in the contact area of the affected joint.

Carrying out the procedure is accompanied by longitudinal and circular motion fungoid electrode in the affected joint.

The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes for each of the affected joint. During the treatment session can be 6-8 joints were treated alternately.


The course of treatment consists of 10-14 sessions, which are held 2-3 times a quarter.


Treatment of arteries and veins 

Darsonval 14For prevention and treatment of varicose veins (so-called "varicose Stars"), obliterating endarteritis, desease Raynaud is used contact technique on the area affected vessels of the lower limbs.

Linear motion to move the fungoid electrode upward along the veins of the foot to the buttocks on the front, side or back of the leg for 8 minutes per zone.

The movement of the electrode along the veins below the buttocks to the feet - is undesirable because it can destabilize the normal flow of blood and lymph flow.

The course of treatment consists of 10-12 sessions.
For the treatment should be carried out in the course of 2-3 month followed by a break for 1 month.


Darsonvalization stomach area

When the dyskinesia of stomach and intestine, procedures are performed in the stomach area for moving the fungoid electrode contact longitudinal and circular movements from the costal arch to the navel.

The intensity of the impact is medium or strong.
Time of influence 5-12 minutes daily or every other day. The treatment course of 15-20 procedures.

Darsonvalization area of the large intestine

 When exposed to the area of the intestine fungoid electrode is moved along the large intestine, from the right inguinal fold to the left inguinal fold.

The intensity of the exposure medium or strong.
Time of influence up to 15 minutes, every day or every other day. The course of treatment 15-20 procedures.

Treatment of stomatitis 

For the treatment of stomatitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, for beriberi, and other infectious diseases) apply contact technique, using abdominal (rectal) electrode or a more subtle, special gingival electrode (not included in standard delivery).

The electrode is moved in a circular motion working end on plaques at low intensity exposure.
The procedure lasts 5 minutes. The treatment course of 10 treatments.