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Breathing training apparatus "Carbonic" 


Unique simulator allows training by the body through the short-term reduction of oxygen and increased carbon dioxide in the blood radically improve the health and quality of life.

In healthy people, training on this device increases the body's resistance to stress factors, improve memory and attention, increase physical and mental performance, reduce anxiety and depression.

Patients with cardiovascular disease, exercise improves blood circulation and microcirculation, stimulate growth and development of new vessels in the brain, heart and other tissues, reduce high blood pressure.

Clinical trials have proven high efficiency of the respiratory system in the treatment and prevention of stroke and other cerebrovascular events. Effect of training comes in two weeks and may persist for several months. 3-4 sessions three to four week training per year provide optimal therapeutic and healing effect.

Breathing training apparatus allows you to adjust the working volume and concentration of respiratory gases and is intended for home use. "Carbonic" allows you to smoothly change and control the concentration of respiratory gases.

"Carbonic" provides for inhalation drugs on the background of hypercapnic hypoxia. Breathing through the training apparatus activates the pulmonary circulation and provides high penetration of inhaled into the lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream, intravenous equivalent.

Carbonic - Active

"Carbonic-ACTIVE" - a new and improved equipment Breathing training apparatus "Carbonic".

carbonic complect2It significantly increases the capacity and efficiency, and further includes the following components:

  • Ergonomic mask. Use breathing training in conjunction with the mask makes breathing more physiological and effective.
  • Helically breathing tube - a new patented design. Using helical tube leads to improved characteristics of the air guide simulator reduce breathing resistance, due to decrease the turbulence of passing air, as well as a more efficient stratification of breath and increased concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen deficiency, which greatly increases the effectiveness of training with hypercapnic hypoxia.
  • Spirometer, with which you can quickly and easily evaluate the quality, efficiency and dynamics of the functional state of the body during the course of hypercapnic-hypoxic training. Spirometer measures the respiratory minute volume (RMV) - the amount of air passing through the lungs in one minute, allowing you to assess the presence of hyperventilation syndrome, accompanied by hypocapnia. The normal indicator RMV is from 5 to 8 liters per minute. Increase RMV indicates hyperventilation and reduction of hypoventilation and possible respiratory failure. To evaluate the effectiveness workouts necessary to fix the rate RMV prior to the course of training and after. Reducing the RMV during training proves their effectiveness. In the presence of hyperventilation syndrome indicator RMV during training with "Carbonic" should gradually come to a normal physiological range (6-7 l / min).
  • Additional pads are used to adjust the breathing resistance and increase load respiratory training. Breathing with increased resistance shown for the prevention of pneumonia after surgery or prolonged bedrest, e.g., after the injury, for recovery of the pulmonary system, and other post-inflammatory lesions of the respiratory system; for athletes to achieve maximum training effect.
  • Information CDwith additional materials, guidelines, videos and scientific literature on the use of breathing training apparatus generation 5 - "Carbonic".