The compact Magnetotherapeutic ALMAG -01 device with traveling pulsed field.





The device with the Russian voltage does not work in the countries of America.


 The device is intended to provide a therapeutic effect on the human by pulse traveling magnetic field in health care settings and by the patient at home.

The device works on the affected organs by traveling pulsed magnetic field (RPMF)and helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation, pain disappearance, return efficiency, will reduce the number of drugs. Due to the effect RPMF and distribution of the magnetic field for several emitters in procedures in the area exposed at the same time is practically the entire spine, a significant amount of internal organs, the large surface area of the body or the majority of the patient's limb.

almag 11By age 40, most people begin to experience recurrent back pain, including back pain and joint pain. This tendency to develop back pain is associated primarily with low active lifestyle, because very few people can boast that they do not spend much time in a sitting position, for example a computer or driving a car. It was a long stay in the monotonous, not peculiar to the human body natural physiological position, cause static back muscle strain. On the other hand, muscle overload and overvoltage, such as excessive enthusiasm for the sport or lifting weights often lead to the same consequences as a sedentary lifestyle - the emergence of back pain.

Back pain - a signal the body to the fact that all is not well in the locomotor system (LS). LS diseases - a great many. Here and osteochondrosis, and deforming osteoarthritis and arthritis, and arthritis of various joints. The total of all these diseases is one - they are badly lend themselves medical impact. Mainly, the currently existing medicines, whether tablet or ointment can only awhile muffle pain.

Tempo of modern life along with environmental influence and predisposed factors inevitably provoke disorders which can often become chronic. The attempts to cure sickness using various methods in most cases give no results or can result in its periodic exacerbation with side effects due to prescribed chemical preparations. Purposeful scientific researches resulted in the development of the ALMAG-01 - Portable Traveling Pulsed Magnetic Field Magnetotherapy Device

almag 33Strong therapeutic effect of a traveling pulsed magnetic field (TPMF) causes human organism analgesic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory properties. Under TPMF effect there is activation of metabolic processes and microcirculation increase in tissues this allows the Device to be applied for inflammatory diseases of various localization to facilitate damaged tissue regeneration. In addition, ALMAG-01 exposure to the reflex zones results in stable hypertensive and sedative effects, improves cerebral circulation and increases hypoxia cerebral stability proving its effectiveness in treating cardiac and neurological diseases. TPMF important feature is it does not cause adaptation of the organism to its effect. It is due to this factor that the Device shows high efficiency for chronic diseases treatment.

Clinical test shows that the above ALMAG-01 therapeutic effects have been reached in 78-90% cases already after 2-3 taken procedures, the remission period in some cases lasts for 1.5 years. Only the application of complex stationary systems can provide the similar effect.

All the above mentioned allows us to consider ALMAG-01 device as self-dependent therapeutic means avoiding the application of medicamental methods of treatment or as an additive one to these methods.

almag-01 1Main advantages of the ALMAG-01:

  • large area and depth of penetration provides selective treatment of all organs with minimum side effects and allergic reactions;
  • high therapeutic effect in case of repeated course of treatment;
  • possibility to perform procedures without the risk of concomitant diseases exacerbation;
  • increased effect of prescribed medicinal preparations.

ALMAG-01 device has no exact portable analogs and differs favorably from complex physiotherapeutic equipment:

  • it does not require grounding giving possibility to perform procedures directly in the ward, e.g. for bedridden patients;
  • procedures can be performed through clothes, gauze and plaster bandages;
  • easy -to-operate the device allows to perform the course of treatment and rehabilitation at home on doctor's control.

    Application of ALMAG-01 device in patient's complex treatment and rehabilitation under the doctor's prescription frees the patient from visiting physiotherapeutic rooms of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions making the treatment comfortable. Reduces the load on the doctor, which allows him to take more patients.

    The ALMAG-01is an excellent prophylactic means and a compact solution of great health problems.


    magnetic induction intensity
    20±6 mTl
    magnetic pulses frequency
    6.25 Hz
    operation time
    20 min
    weight, max
    0.65 kG
    power supply
    220V±10%, 50 Hz or 120V, 60 Hz
    overall dimensions, mm


Hidden Threat of ARTHRITIS and ARTHROSIS

Author: M. SAFONOV, MD, Physical Therapy Specialist

Joints are ideal natural articulating pivots, with their durability and longevity non-inferior to many artificial mechanisms. The human body has the total of 187 joints, with their main function to ensure our movements.

Joint discomfort is a symptom of serious illnesses: arthritis and osteoarthrosis. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), approximately 90% of population over 55 deal with these conditions in some form or other, i.e., virtually every adult on the planet. With the lack of treatment, the condition progresses into severe forms which are associated with excruciating pain.

What is the reason for these conditions? Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint as a result of infection getting inside it. Polyarthritis is the infection-caused inflammation of multiple joints. Osteoarthrosis is the condition of the joints, which, unlike arthritis, are caused by destruction of the joint cartilage as a result of age-related changes or mechanical injuries rather than by infection. With arthrosis, the inflammation process onsets at a later stage, as a result of the articular tissue degeneration.

PAIN is the main manifestation of these conditions. Joints swell and intumesce. During exacerbation periods any movement becomes difficult; at times, the patient cannot leave the house without someone’s help…

Almag 22Optimal Treatment

The objective of treatment in chronic joint diseases is to alleviate the pain syndrome, along with inflammation and swelling, and to provide regenerative (restorative) effect on cartilage in order to stop further progression of the disease.

Only a combination therapy – medicinal and magnetic – may help achieve this objective. The magnetic field is effective at the molecular level. Oscillatory motions of blood cells – red blood cells and plasma proteins – increase in capillaries under the influence of magnetic pulses, thus activating blood circulation. The condition of the affected cells changes against this backdrop, along with their improved nutrition, accelerated elimination of disintegration process. It results in the activated metabolism, reduced swelling, alleviated inflammation process, with the subsequent regeneration of the affected tissue, first, following by the entire affected organ. How is it manifested externally, for the patient? First of all, pain is rapidly reduced, followed by reduction or complete disappearance of the edema. The pain-killing effect of magnetic therapy is based on the effect on nerve endings exercised by magnetic pulses. These nerve endings transfer the pain signal to the brain. The magnetic field “slows down”, decelerates and weakens the transfer of the pain impulse along the nerve, making this impulse attenuate before reaching the brain. Another important aspect is that magnetic therapy promotes the therapeutic effect of the medicinal preparations received simultaneously due to the strengthened localized blood flow, thus allowing to gradually cut their dosing, subsequently reducing the extent of their side effects.

Finally, I would like to comment on the following. In any chronic conditions, including diseases of joints, the role of physical therapy – and magnetic therapy, specifically, as its subsection - should not be underestimated. Over centuries of its use, magnetic therapy has demonstrated its high efficacy, and today has transformed from a traditional folk remedy into the scientifically grounded treatment method. Today, millions of people successfully use magnetic therapy, both at home and in hospital, with the therapeutic effectiveness reaching 80-90%. M. SAFONOV, MD, Physical Therapy Specialist

Wise Solution to the Painful Problem

In joint pain we recommend magnetic therapy conducted with the use of portable physical therapy device ALMAG-01. Why ALMAG-01? This device’s mechanism of action is based on the effects of the traveling pulse magnetic field, which, in the opinion of specialists, is the most therapeutically effective out of all types of magnetic fields currently used in medical practice. The body does not demonstrate any signs of acquired tolerance to this type of field, while its therapeutic effect is rather quick to develop. In addition to it, ALMAG has a convenient construction for the joint treatment: It could be used to wrap around the affected joint, thus as if permeating it with the therapeutic magnetic field. Further, use of ALMAG does not require any special skills or training; the device is simply plugged in, and is applied to the affected joint as directed by the details instructions for use.

The use of ALMAG for treatment is simple, easy, and comfortable! You can receive quality ALMAG treatments at any time and place convenient for you. Gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis, periarthrosis, gout, arthritis, osteochondrosis are only a few of diseases and conditions that will be alleviated with the use of this compact device. In the conditions of a chronic disease, you will be able to stabilize your condition, not allowing for exacerbation of the disease, as well as to move pain-free and to enjoy your life.

May your joints serve you well for many long years to come.

The device’s quality and safety are confirmed by international certificates.



almag s1Tackling Osteochondrosis in Earnest

Are you familiar with a situation when a seemingly active and energetic person suddenly falls victim to a backache? Then you know that from that moment on the person suffers from a virtually debilitation condition: This condition makes it impossible to straighten up, to turn, or even to comfortably lie down. This condition is known as osteochondrosis. It is always chronic. And at any moment, osteochondrosis may remind the patient of its existence.

The cause of the pain in osteochondrosis is in disintegrating damaged intervertebral discs, which when shifting pinch the nerves. Many medications are targeted at blocking the nerve impulses transferred from the pinched nerves, this allowing to promptly alleviate the pain syndrome. However, while alleviating the pain syndrome, they do not correct the cause of this condition – disc degradation, and pain returns, again and again. What can be done in this situation? The use of magnetic therapy is the answer!

First of all, and on its own merits, magnetic therapy is a wonderful pain-killer, because, similar to the effect of pain-killer medications, it blocks nerve impulses from the pinched nerves. Magnetic pulses “drop” the pain impulses down, and prevent them from getting into the brain: The patient stops feeling pain. Some patients resolve their pain syndrome at the very first session, some do at the subsequent ones – it depends on the body’s susceptibility. Second of all, magnetic therapy has an effect on the original source of the disease – intervertebral disc degradation. It slows down and stops this process. This happens as follows. The blood circulation is decreased in the area of the impaired spinal cord (as well as in the area of the impaired joint), with the subsequently decreased metabolism. The cartilage then experiences deficiency in building components, while at the same time it gets affected by waste accumulation. All this gives rise to the onset of the following exacerbation. Magnetic therapy increases blood circulation in the spinal cord area by 300%. The increased blood flow brings building components to the vertebral cartilage while promptly removing those that are not needed. And, finally, magnetic therapy is a natural and environmentally clean method of the effect which is virtually free of any side effects.

Magnetic therapy is used both during the periods of exacerbation and at the remission stage for prevention of future exacerbations. Even in absence of pain, individuals suffering from osteochondrosis should undergo the cycles of magnetic therapy at least twice a year – to replenish lost building materials in cartilage, and to eliminate the accumulated disintegration products. It would allow to avoid exacerbations, improving the condition of the intervertebral disc cartilage, vertebra, and perivertebral tissues.

The osteochondrosis treatment will be effective only when it becomes a complex one. The complex therapy of osteochondrosis should include: chondroprotectors (cartilage-sustaining medications), magnetic therapy (increasing blood circulation in the cartilage tissue and facilitating permeation of chondroprotectors), medicinal physical training and exercise (formation of the supporting muscular corset reducing the spinal load). Only such complex approach will ensure a long-term and positive rather than a short-term and instant effect, allowing to live pain-free.


ALMAG for Support of the Spine!

almag SIf you have been suffering from pains in the back, you must have ALMAG in your home health kit. This portable magnetic therapy device acts through the traveling pulse magnetic field - the most effective type of therapeutic magnetic fields.

It is exceptionally convenient to get ALMAG treatments in osteochondrosis: A patient may lie on it with its back down, or may wrap it around the lower back or the next. Then the device is simply plugged in and applied to the affected area. ALMAG shuts off automatically in 20 minutes. The treatment cycle includes 1-2 sessions per day, and lasts the total of 18 days. 1.5 – 2 months later, the confirmation cycle is performed, with the maintenance treatment cycles conducted at least twice a year.

ALMAG’s action promotes pain-killing and sedative effects, and removes swelling and inflammation. Chondroprotectors, myorelaxants, heating rubs and gels are more effective when used in combination with the ALMAG magnetic therapy.

If you buy ALMAG, you will acquire an ability to undergo magnetic procedures at home, at any time and place convenient for you. You may get treated and do something you like – watch TV, work on a computer, talk over the phone or browse through magazines – at the same time. Another advantage is in the minimum of contraindications registered for magnetic therapy, which allows all family members from young to old to use the device in treatment.

Almag has been wonderful in helping me overcome my arthritis and osteochondrosis. I am 55 years old, and now in the morning I can actually get up – rather then crawl out of the bed. I could not even dream about it before! Pains have been gone, and I am not afraid of their return: I always have Almag at my reach; it is simple to use and very effective. Please accept our gratitude and heartfelt thank you. God bless you. The Gerthieu family, Cologne



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