Medical-diagnostic complex "Carbonic"


Carbonic-MDC - the only device that allows you to smoothly change and monitor the status of hypercapnia (increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood) and hypoxia (reduced oxygen concentration in the blood) in biofeedback.

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Carbonic-MDC - a medical device that provides monitoring of the gas composition of the alveolar air and dosed effect of hypercapnic hypoxia on the control of biofeedback for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, digestive and reproductive systems.

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Carbonic-MDC contains a control unit with a gas analyzer, damper motor, air flow separation unit and software for PCs. It allows you to automatically take into account the condition of the body during training, to give the necessary training programs and ensure their automatic execution using biofeedback. In addition, Carbonic-MDC is used for the automated selection of mode of respiratory training on respiratory simulator "Carbonic" diagnose the state of gas exchange, metabolism, cardio-respiratory reserve, cardiovascular reactivity, cerebrovascular reactivity and aerobic capacity.

Carbonic-MDC is an automatic multifunctional system allows:

  • Connect the device to the PC and maintain a database of patients
  • Conduct breathing exercises with the maintenance of the desired concentration of alveolar gas by double biofeedbackcarbonic reports
  • Automatically select training regimen (preventive, therapeutic and sports) and program personalized workout profile
  • Graphically display the dynamics of the gas concentration in exhaled air during exercise and gas analysiscarbonic reports_2
  • Assess the function of respiration - the state of hypoxia, hypercapnia and hypocapnia, hyperventilation syndrome
  • Assess cardiovascular reactivity reaction CCC per dosage hypoxia and hypercapnia to determine and verify the hypertensive syndrome
  • Diagnose metabolism (BMR, RMR, metabolic age)
  • Constitute individual dietary cardcarbonic reports_3
  • Assess cardiorespiratory reserve from reaction gas exchange breath-hold with characteristic the ability to recover gas homeostasis
  • Determine aerobic performance IPC
  • Testing cerebrovascular reactivity to hypercapnia and hypocapnia with index calculation VRgiperSO2, VRgipoSO2, CRCO2, CDF and PRB

What is the secret of efficiency?

Experimentally proved that daily training with hypercapnic hypoxia on the unit "Carbonic" hinder the development of stroke. Training in experimental animals with hypercapnic hypoxia phenomenal almost 3 times, increases life expectancy of their brain in conditions of full circulatory arrest. Clinical studies of stroke patients showed incredible neurology for restoration of mobility, muscle strength and coordination. "Carbonic" effective against disorders of the blood supply to other organs, including the heart, to treat and prevent coronary heart disease and heart attack.

Numerous experimental and clinical studies and trials, which showed the highest potential for health and fitness, published in reputable Russian and foreign medical journals.